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Regardless of who or what they are, anyone who gets in my way will be cut down.

Caim is the eldest son of Lucifer, the High King of Hell. He can appear in the form of a raven and these birds are always present when he is near.


Marionette is noted as having been afraid of him when she first saw him. He carries a fearsome and commanding presence with completely black eyes with golden irises.

He shares some similar traits with André in his features, such as his black hair and tall height.

He dresses befitting on his status in fine and elegant clothing, with a heavy overcoat draped over his shoulders.


Caim is cold, arrogant and collected in most things he does, normally appearing calm and even carefree. Even when overwhelmed and injured in battle, he is able to maintain his composed nature.

He is sociopathic and amoral in nature, completely uncaring about the emotional torment that those indirectly affected by him go through, even enjoying it as he mocks their pain. He is also sadistic, purposely pushing the victims' trauma until they suffer mental breakdowns from the fake memories starting to conflict with their real ones.

Still, he holds an overprotective, caring form of love for his younger brother; and while he respects his father, he attempts to surpass him as the next High King of Hell.


  • "I was just taking a walk and I dropped by to tease you." (André)
  • “Hn...I see. So you’re the chosen sacrifice, then?” (Marionette)