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Just speak honestly.

Aimée Grandier is a childhood friend of Marionette and a cousin of Noé Grandier. She is an exorcist-in-training.


Aimée is a neat, collected girl who always dresses well. She has similar bright blue eyes and blonde hair like her elder cousin.


Aimée is a kind, soft-spoken girl who has never said a word against anyone in her life. She is very honest and values the trait more than anything.

She hates demons, however, and shows them none of her usual soft-heartedness. She is worried about Marionette being with a demon so often, especially as she recognizes him as a Royal Class Demon.

She values Marionette's friendship greatly and cares about her a great deal, thinking of her as her own sister.


Met Marionette at a young age and quickly befriended her, seeing how lonely and depressed she always looked. She only started to read books so that she could converse and make Marionette happy.


  • She's planning on joining a convent and becoming a nun as soon as she turns 18.